Natural Performance - Knitwear Made in Scotland

When temperatures take a nosedive towards the mercury, it makes sense to wrap up. For some, there’s an instinctive pull towards the tech genre of thermal insulators, but for others, the undeniable appeal of wool reigns supreme. Yarn enthusiasts the world over will always hold Scotland in high esteem when it comes to knitwear production – it’s a country with centuries of experience gained from the ancient ritual of clipping the dense winter coats from herds of happy sheep, and a no-nonsense approach to engineering only the finest of fibres.

Super soft and sturdy, with inbuilt bounce, Scottish wool was made for everyday wear. At Uncommon Man, we’ve been working with knitwear experts in the U.K. to create styles that have been designed to transcend fleeting trends and act as the winter cornerstones for your daily wardrobe. Durable, but exceptionally comfortable, these 100% wool shapes nod towards the nostalgic cuts of yesteryear – whether that be the Shetland Wool Brushed with its Ivy League inspired saddle shoulder, the Shetland Cable Knit, or the traditional V-Neck – we’ve been careful to add in enough ease to make them a pleasure to wear layered over a shirt or just a simple tee.

hand-made performance-wear

Aside from being one of the most sustainable (and totally biodegradable) products available, our knits are lightweight, hypo-allergenic and fully breathable. Unlike the synthetic wizardry you’ll find at the outdoor store, wool is smart enough to self-regulate when it comes to body temperature – keeping you cool indoors and ramping up the warmth when you venture out into the elements.

Just like all of our iconic pieces, we’ve made damn sure they’ll wash and wear well; because at Uncommon we don’t just see our knits as a bunch of sophisticated woolen jumpers - we think of them instead as hand-made performance-wear, formulated for modern living.



These super soft caps are completely knitted by hand.

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