Have you ever had that awkward sinking feeling, when you walk into a room and feel under or overdressed? We’re not talking about turning up in fancy dress when everyone else is wearing their civilian gear – this is the cringe-worthy too casual/too formal mishap that makes us wish we could just moonwalk straight out of the situation. The best way to prevent these sartorial setbacks is to stop, pause and evaluate before setting foot outside the house. ‘We don’t have time for that!’, I hear you chorus. But please, take a moment to let me explain the theory behind the Uncommon Man theory of ‘slow style’ and perhaps then, their rationale will become clear.

A cursory glance through their 2021 campaign shots cements their reputation as purveyors of carefully considered charismatic clothing. Not an easy thing to nail, in this day and age. Editing is seemingly what they do best – which goes against the mainstream menswear agenda of more, more, more. Their modus operandi feels stringent in the most positive sense and is more a case of elevating the essentials, rather than reducing the choice. Uncommon Man was founded, primarily, as a made-to-measure brand that offers the customer a level of service and satisfaction rarely found in today’s instant-gratification-driven fashion climate.

Theirs is a philosophy that stems from an ambition to create an easily understandable system of elevated, hard-wearing, functional classics that never date. It smashes the outdated notion of wardrobe segregation that keeps smart and casual items poles apart. This Uncommon Formula builds strength in season-less favorites, familiar functionality and the opportunity of endless combinations. Nostalgia comes into play – but not in a way that feels like a facsimile from the past. Classic tailoring cues are refined for today’s busy lifestyles, with pants that sit slightly higher on the rise than those on the high street, to guarantee a far more flattering, streamline fit. Jackets are unstructured and softer on the shoulder, unlike the stuffier versions of yesteryear.

The made-to-measure and ready-to-wear elements are interchangeable – therein lies the genius of this ‘slow style’ recipe. Mid-century lightness resonates throughout the collection, with a color palette that feels relevant and totally timeless. Scottish knitwear slouches brilliantly against laid-back polo shirts, denim sits with definition alongside wool/cotton blend trousers, candy striped shirting and chunky tennis jumpers play together harmoniously, and the pop of a well-chosen, brightly colored sock instantly lifts the mood of a flat-fronted navy chino. Uncommon Man are telling us stories; injecting the everyday with durable luxury, balancing the desire to look good with the confidence to get dressed in the dark. A framework of iconic, wearable pieces that jigsaw together and prove the power of routine. With credentials like these, you’ll always feel well-dressed – whatever the occasion.

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