The Route to Shirting Utopia

Shirts have always been associated with the more formal end of the clothing spectrum, which is why attitudes towards them might have stagnated a little. At Uncommon Man, we’ve made it our mission to shake up the outdated theory that there needs to be ‘an occasion’ to wear one, and reintroduce the shirt as an easy, everyday item.

This laid-back approach begins with a question of purpose – and by this we mean, what are you most likely to pair your shirt with? Are you searching for something smart to wear under a knit? Could it be that you’re looking to up the ante in the workplace, or a team Zoom meeting? Regardless of reason, it’s the function, fabric and fit that you need to place close attention to.

Function and fabric are down to lifestyle and personal taste, but the rules of good fit are universal. Having enough ease is crucial because we need to be able to move around freely without feeling constrained. Size-wise, choose something that feels slightly generous – because tension across the chest or stomach buttons isn’t a good look (for anyone). Sleeves need to drape well and allow for full range of motion, especially when layered with a tailored jacket.

At Uncommon Man, our shirts have off-set armholes; we call this an intuitive design feature. Put simply, it means the pattern has been carefully engineered so there’s one seam for the body, and one for the arm. No more unsightly fabric gathers – just a clean, logical fit. Trust us, it’s hard to go back to the mainstream version once you’ve experienced the benefits of the ergonomic model.

Finding the sweet spot with wrists doesn’t have to be tricky either. The first port of call is making sure the arm length is correct. Shoulder seams should be sitting on the natural breakpoint between the delt and shoulder bone. The fabric shouldn’t feel taught, but best to lift both arms out in front of you, just to check. The magic finishing point for the cuff is somewhere in the sweet spot between your watch strap and wrist bone – but never above.

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