The Digest: 03 Masters


This week we are focusing on masters of design, craft, and function. Fitting then is our feature of the Ford Bronco, the original American SUV that captured the spirit of adventure. I have childhood memories of off-roading with my Dad in his 4th Gen. Bronco through the North Florida brush. These things were fun and tough enough for any adventure. Ford has put together a great retrospective of 5 generations of the Bronco, celebrating the 2021 model. Peruse through vintage photographs, advertisements, and facts that make Land Rovers seem dinky.


Wyeth was a master of 20th-century realism. His paintings captured everyday surroundings, but he spoke to the essence of his subjects, capturing the soul, the mystery, the drama. 'American Masters: Wyeth' is a portrait of a true master. "I search for the realness, the real feeling of a subject, all the texture around it... I always want to see the third dimension of something...I want to come alive with the object." - Andrew Wyeth


Every detail about this album begs a revisit. Avoiding government seizure of assets for unpaid taxes, the Stones fled England for France and convened at Nellcôte, a villa rented by Keith Richards. Using makeshift equipment and living in general mayhem, they recorded a rock masterpiece that returned to rootsy fundamentals. Not only is this one of the most iconic records in music history, but it's a fascinating example of how pros will always break through, no matter the obstacles. Sure to be the album for your Memorial Day Weekend.


Felix Roasting Co. is, without hesitation, the best coffee shop in NYC. For a time I was lucky to work upstairs from their Park Ave South location. The folks at Felix are masters of detail from branding, roasting/brewing, to building an immersive world to imbibe in. Their SoHo location is a must-visit, but their single-origin selections are an excellent choice for home-brewers.


With a strong eye on timeless quality, expertly tailored wardrobe staples have always been the focus for Uncommon Man. The all-new single-button Grant Jacket in vintage cream brings a slice of Napoli to the collection and promises to become a firm Spring/Summer favorite. Hand-made in Italy using pure wool hopsack, it’s been cut with classic peak lapels and the ease of a Neapolitan shoulder to offer laid-back, effortless elegance.


We believe it's important to stay connected to the process of craftsmanship. Connectedness comes from knowing a process from beginning to end. This short shares the story of Harris Tweed Weavers in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and brings us through their craft from start to finish. Generations of these islanders keep this trade alive and weave the world's finest tweed. Ain't nothing like the real thing, baby.