The Digest - October 22


"People say my films are dark. But like lightness, darkness stems from a reflection of the world."
-David Lynch
We tend to relish the Summer, and for good reasons - it's a well-earned season of indulgence, respite, and sunshine.
But, we must eventually leave leisure for labor, warmth for cold, and light for dark. The good life isn't always at hand, so we must face hardship. Knowing this, we can embrace the coming shadows of life; we can grow in the shade.
This month, we bring you topics that explore and embrace the shadows beneath an idyllic surface. As Fall draws near, we invite you to slow down, stay curious, and grow in the shade.

POETRY: Emily Dickinson - 'I felt a Funeral, in my Brain, (340)'

In fitting this month's theme, Emily Dickinson's poem deals with divergent ideas - sanity/madness, rationality/irrationality, and life/death. Her metaphorical flourishing leaves us wondering about the intersection of these divergent themes and our place in them. Read it now on Poetry Foundation.

FILM: 'Blue Velvet'


A story within the strange underbelly of an idyllic small town, 'Blue Velvet' is powerful, haunting, and enthralling. David Lynch, with his fourth feature film, pushed forward a wholly new voice of American filmmaking. October is the perfect time to dig this mysterious neo-noir nightmare. Stream it on HBOmax now.

ART: Francis Bacon

The king of fright, Francis Bacon's work is known for being unsettling and macabre - a style that certainly relishes the shadows. Bacon is a perfect subject for this month's issue. Head over to New Criterion to probe his early stages and beyond.

STYLE: Fall Style Inspiration


Shaded walks and cool evenings are near, so it's time to start reaching for the layers. To rev your dressing creativity, we bring you a curation of images that have inspired us for the coming Fall season.

MUSIC: UM Playlist - One night in space

Houston; we’ve reached orbit, the pod bay doors are open, and it’s time to leave the capsule (if you dare). This month, Major Pranger brings you a sonic companion for a journey through the dark side of the moon. We recommend adjusting your playback settings to a 12-second cross-fade. Featuring over 3 hours of music, One Night in Space guarantees a wild voyage.

STORY: 'The Watcher' - The Cut

In 2014, The Broaddus Family bought their $1.3 million dream home at 657 Boulevard in Westfield, New Jersey. As they began to move in, the Broaddus' received their first crisp white envelope in the mail. "Dearest new neighbor at 657 Boulevard, Allow me to welcome you to the neighborhood". But as they kept reading the letter, it took a dark turn. "How did you end up here?" the writer asked. "Did 657 Boulevard call to you with its force within?" Head over to The Cut to read the chilling story of The Broaddus Family at 657.