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Uncommon Man garments are cut to the body, light on the shoulder and drape in comfortable elegance.  The client’s suit will look and feel how they expect a handmade or made-to-measure suit to feel and perform.   Uncommon Man offers an array of luxury fabrics from the finest mills throughout Italy and England all woven to create a smart, elegant garment.  The fabrics are ideal for any occasion.


Uncommon Man understands that outerwear is just as important as what a client wears underneath. Choose from our wide selection of overcoats, safari jackets, bombers jackets and other dressed or casual options. We feature the latest and timeless styles in outwear. All of our garments are finished with functioning buttonholes along with other distinct details that we fit to perfection and chosen at the client’s discretion. Discover your new go-to look with top-tier leather and wool textiles that over time will conform to the wearer’s unique build.

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