Tailoring comes down to an understanding of proportion and movement of the body. At Uncommon Man this is at the heart of what we do. We know the modern man has countless choices to make everyday. Our job isn't to present him with a bunch more, but to relieve him of as many as we can. From guidance through the cloth selection to designing the ideal details. We take great care to learn about what it is that would provide the greatest benefit to your entire wardrobe.

At Uncommon Man garments are designed in small capsule collections and single garment production.  The intention is to create value and purpose for each garment.  The approach is meticulous, creating a perfect look and fit for the individual customer.

Our capsule collections and single garments are entirely handmade in Napoli, insuring integrity and quality in each piece.  This approach insists that each garment includes a certain emotion and life.  These steps taken allow Uncommon Man to offer endless options of customization

Furthermore, Uncommon Man works to achieve a level of garment that is sought after and cherished, making personal interaction with the client the most important part of our production. 

The suit as most Americans know it is dead. Stiff in the wrong places and loose in the wrong places. But the suit as an icon of clothing, has a bright future. Focusing on a lightweight garment only weighed down by the loads of hand sewn detail put into each piece, inside and out.

In the past 20 years we have all been able to dress more casually than in the last 300 years. Each one of us is 'freely' allowed to develop our individual style. But how many of us look at it that way?

More people should embrace the elegance and personal grace carried by the clothing made by artisans. Within lies a confidence once thought to be reserved just for the movies.

Made to Measure Process

Step One

The first meeting typically lasts 1-1.5 hours depending on the client and their needs. The client’s measurements are taken using a combination of body measurements and garment measurements, this creates the fit profile. The complete design of the garment along with fabric selection is determined during the appointment as well.

Step two

The second meeting is set 5-6 weeks after the first appointment. This consists of a fitting to review the garments ordered; taking note of and making any alterations needed to achieve the final result. The fit profile is then updated to make future orders simple and accurate.

Step Three

If needed, after 1-2 weeks alterations are ready for inspection and the garments are ready for delivery. Additionally your measurements are saved to make future orders simple and quick.