Tailoring needs to shake off it's formal reputation.

Uncommon Man Founder, Kyle Shiels, talks enthusiastically about the benefits of a higher trouser rise and explains how, “When it’s done well, tailoring is a kind of wizardry. By wearing a trouser that sits on the natural waist instead of the hip, we can elongate the legs and slim down any roundness in the mid-section of the body. If narrow, sloping shoulders cause concern, this is easily addressed by altering the positioning of the lapel to draw the eye upwards and generate a broader looking physique.

These tricks have been handed down through generations of tailors to help men look their best whilst retaining a strong sense of individuality. Tailoring needs to shake off it's formal reputation. These are pieces of clothing designed for everyday wear, not something that needs to be saved for a special occasion.

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The Uncommon Man Rationale

Uncommon Man have created a language – an easily recognizable code that shows any man, regardless of age, shape or size, how to feel fantastic in the clothes they’ve chosen to wear.

Referred to as the ‘house style’, it’s not about rules, fancy slogans or passing trends – instead, this is a wardrobe system of brilliantly made, timeless classics that will never go out of fashion.

Defining the ‘house style’ begins with the product, which starts with the glaringly obvious emphasis on tailoring. For years, this category of clothing has had a bad rap; relegated to the back of the closet and hauled out for job interviews, board meetings and weddings (or worse still, funerals) the smart jacket and trouser combo has ended up with a reputation for being the kind of thing you feel forced into wearing. Uncommon Man was founded to challenge this outdated view.

Showing the world that you’re a man who understands the importance of fabric, function and fit.

Tailoring is a way of communicating.

Theirs isn’t a brand built on the idea of sharp lines, stiff lapels and personality-less two pieces. Uncommon Man have the experience to know that in order to look confident, a man must feel comfortable first. Pulling off that laid-back Neapolitan style is impossible if you’re feeling half strangled by an ill-fitting shirt and winded by a pair of too-tight low-rise chinos. The foundation for effortless dressing begins with a shift towards proportions that make the most of a man’s best assets – which means, of course, sweatpants have no place here.

When we’re speaking to customers about the rationale behind Uncommon Man, we say that when you invest in the best building blocks, you can get dressed in the dark. Things that fit properly feel great, and once you’ve experienced that pleasure, it’s hard to go back to anything else.”