Linen Defined:

Extracted from the flax or linseed plants, linen is crisp, slightly silky and durable. Dating back as far as 8500 years ago to the wrapping of the mummys found in Egytian tombs. Linen has been long-used in hot climates for many reasons, not limited to the fact that it grows quickly and easily as well as its ability to absorb and release moisture very quickly as well.

In recent years, linen has developed an unfairly bad wrap because of its readiness to wrinkle. This however, we believe, is the simplest way to see the truly quality of a linen cloth, Once it wrinkles, the luster and bounce of an excellent linen cloth is something, once experienced, can be quite sumptuous.


This season:

You'll find our entire knitwear collection predominately constructed with this wonderous fiber. Firstly, you should get aquanted with our loose weave cable knit roundnecks.

In these two simple colors, mocha and charcoal, they make for elegant yet airy layers to toss atop your shoulders so you're prepared if the mercury dips once the sun has dipped below the horizon.. .

Linen-cotton blend cable Round necks

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