100 Hands differentiate themselves by their craftsmanship (which is the soul of 100 Hands shirts) and produce handcrafted shirts using the most traditional methods, many dating over 100 years.

The handwork ensures that every shirt of yours has a character of its own.

Each shirt takes birth over a period of 1.5 days where 100 hands of highly expert artisans take immense care to invisibly sew the body of the shirt with 25 stitches per inch. After a long and meticulous process, it is ready to be the finest of your wardrobe.


The Ambrosi family has been making trousers for the past four generations. The Ambrosi legacy began during the economically testing time of the Second World War.

Salvatore Ambrosi stays true to his heritage of impeccable taste with practical elements.

After the war, Salvatore Ambrosi produced trousers for the most respected tailoring houses in Naples, including Attolini, and would go on to produce for Rubinacci, Panico, Solito and Formosa.


Former head cutter at Kiton, Orazio balances handmade craftsmanship & innovation, exuding a sophisticated gentleman’s appeal. Headquartered in Naples, Italy.

Neapolitan construction is the true heritage of the company.

Refined classicism and a touch of technical virtuosity are keynotes of the brand, inspired by Neapolitan tailoring, they created their models on contemporary modern lines with the objective to form garments worn with unrestricted ease.

In the Orazio workshop the cutters turn gorgeous fabrics into bespoke pieces, made to measure and ready to wear collections, attention to detail, perfection of cut and typical soft Neapolitan construction are the true heritage of the company.