Eternal Spring

Eternal Spring

The Digest for March 2022

Awake and leave this cold winter to the sunken and cynics! Let us shake off our chills and welcome warmer days. At last, we've arrived at a time of growth, a reprieve from our humdrum loafing. We can begin to see the fruits of our long labors and even take on something new, something fresh, and something beyond. This month we celebrate the coming of spring, a declaration of change, and bring you various topics to savor.

Phantom Thread - Paul Thomas Anderson

Phantom Thread is a film about the spirit of clothing. It follows Reynolds Woodcock, a courtier in decadent 1950’s post-war London, whose obsession for garment-making brings him to a place of creation beyond the thread. Another brilliant collaboration with Paul Thomas Anderson, Daniel Day-Lewis, costume designer Mark Bridges, and composer Jonny Greenwood. Watch the film, but first read Filmmaker Magazine's interview with Bridges on threading the needle.

'Sonnet 7: How soon hath Time' - John Milton
The coming of spring brings with it self-reflection. It's often a time to ponder the passing of time and one's place in it. Milton's Sonnet 7 speaks to our yearnings for success, our confronting the limitations of time, and the comfort in yielding to providence. 'How soon hath Time' is a conversation about ambition, achievement, and aging that's all too familiar.
Rolex Explorer - Hodinkee


With adventures and vacations on the horizon, every man needs a watch fit for an explorer. This iconic Rolex is revered for that very reason. Hodinkee has put together an excellent guide for all you need to know about the beautifully simple Rolex Explorer.

French 75
This 20th Century classic cocktail is the perfect spring libation. Invented in 1919 by Harry MacElhone of the world-famous Harry’s New York Bar in Paris. It’s a strong drink perfect for every celebration and steeped in WWI legend. Cheers!
Cohesion - @necesidadesdeloso


Head over to the long-form blog, Necesidades Del Oso, for a thought-provoking conversation about artistic cohesion. Mr. Jesse Jackson IV speaks of the importance of continuity in a man’s work, which upon reading I think applies not only to an artist but to every man. Head over to Ndlo for an introspective exercise, perfect for this season of growth and change.
Do We Know What Ancient Romans Looked Like? - Getty
“Roman portraits are popularly known as images that are very realistic. But it’s also a style.” We often imagine the stoic sculptures of Ancient Rome coming to life, walking the city, and rallying to the coliseum. But did the people of Ancient Rome actually resemble the sculptures that we still look to for inspiration? Curator Jens Daehner explores portraits of Romans and what they tell us about the real humans of the Old World.