We believe tailoring comes down to an understanding of proportion and movement of the body.

Dressing well should look simple from the outside because of the meticulous effort done to within.

An Uncommon Way

First Fitting

Unlike many off-the-peg solutions, made-to-measure is a much smarter investment – it guarantees a silhouette designed to reflect your lifestyle and individuality. It’s a private process that begins in-store, with a relaxed one-hour meeting, which gives us the chance to build up a fit profile and work through style ideas.

Second Fitting

During the second meeting, which is most often 5-6 weeks after the first appointment, we will re-fit and carefully review each of the garments and take note of any alterations that are needed. These details are updated and kept on file to make all future orders more accurate.

Final Fitting

We then coordinate any final detail edits or alterations with our tailor, and after 1-2 weeks the garments are inspected and ready for collection or delivery.

Furthermore, Uncommon Man works to achieve a level of garment that is sought after and cherished, making personal interaction with the client the most important part of our production. 

All of our garments are designed in small capsule collections and single garment production.  The intention is to create value and purpose for each garment.  The approach is meticulous, creating a perfect look and fit for the individual customer.

Our capsule collections and single garments are entirely handmade in Napoli, insuring integrity and quality in each piece.  This approach insists that each garment includes a certain emotion and life.  These steps taken allow Uncommon Man to offer endless options of customization.