Following a natural shoulder line, there are reasonably high armholes, a free upper sleeve, proud lapels, suppressed but comfortable waist, with the jacket falling just below the seat. Neat and tidy details such as the occasional single button surgeon's cuff. Built from scratch by hand. In the right cloth, you can just make out the lapel padding (part of the inner construction meant to give the lapel its desirable roll) on the back side of lapel.

Our Trouser is another thing all together. Bringing up the waistline beyond the hip bones can ruffle the feathers of a contemporary guy, however it also gets the trousers up-off the hips let the legs move more freely adding to the trousers comfort as well as the drape and longevity. This, coupled with a fuller cut aim to give the outfit a clean, uninterrupted line from the shoulder to the hem.

In addition to a high quality garment, we aim to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to select garments that integrate effortlessly into your daily life. After all, clothes aren’t just for show, they’re meant to be lived in. That being said, in true Neapolitan tradition, each piece includes a large amount of decorative handwork showcasing the skills of the tailors.

Discover the possibilities of cloth from English tweeds to Italian frescos. Each cloth is developed and milled for a specific purpose or need. In person, you can better discern the weight of fabrics, view the richness of color, distinguish the subtle variation of hues. Think of clothing less as playing dress up and more as gearing up to battle. The pieces you put on are how the world sees you. Make sure they see what you want them to see. Intention and elegance in all things.


Uncommon Man is very privileged to offer true hand built made-to-measure suiting and tailoring. Offering superfine wools from mills such as Cerruti, Loro Piana, Piacenza and Escorial. Our expertise can help train your eye to spot just the right cloth weave for the office or the perfect hue for your wedding day.

Because our suits are made by hand, owning them is a bit like a relationship. They will act out if you mistreat them, but they are meant to be around from a while and get better with age.


Our lightweight jackets are made up in one of our three house models. With a wide notch lapel, the Lee Jacket is the first of our UM House models. Featuring a higher notch lapel, the Henry gives a broader look to the shoulders. The Charles is a classic 6x2 double breasted jacket

Style is not Occasional. We have taken great care to ensure each jacket pairs beautifully with wool trousers or a your favorite pair of broken-in jeans. You can choose from our house swatches we culled for the most beautiful and versatile fabrics. Or dive deep into the swatch books of some of the most historic and luxurious mills on the planet.


Striving for the cleanest proportions; we developed a waisted trouser that sits higher than nearly all ready-to-wear trousers. By raising the waistband above the hip area, the legs are left feeling free and unrestricted. As most men don’t simply stand in front of the mirror everyday, they need to have the flexibility to take on the unexpected at a moments notice. The trick is looking effortless in the process. Our trousers will give you a 'leg up'.


Our partnership with 100 Hands is strongly based on their commitment to creating the most beautiful shirt, the diligence that goes into each shirt is unmatched. We have built a house style unique to Uncommon Man. A 10 centimeter long collar with a structure that’s not too hard and not too soft, plain front to proudly display the handwork and natural mother of pearl buttons.