Featuring a uniquely flowing French-grown linen which is milled in northern Italy. This process makes the cloth nearly as light as Italian linen with a similar body to a Irish linen. Our tailoring is hand constructed in Napoli. Available as full suits or seperates. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Tobacco Brown French Linen
Pistachio Green French Linen
Indigo Blue French Linen
Brown & Emerald Green Prince-of-Wales Check French Linen

Tailoring personalized to your every need.

Painstakingly constructed by artisans in the home of "soft-tailoring" Napoli, Italy. Nestled on the west coast of Italy, Napoli has as rich tradition of tailoring dating back over 700 years. Characterized by the slim fit, soft shoulder construction and wider sleeve, the Neapolitan makes for the most easily wearable type of tailoring on the planet. You won't find construction like this just anywhere.

In-person and virtual fittings available ● Allow approximately 5 weeks from the order date

Silver & Tobacco Prince-of-Wales Check Italian Linen