Autumn/Winter 2022 Look book

Autumn/Winter 2022 introduces some of our boldest items to date. As with every season, we continually strive to incorperate garments from recent seasons. This is vital to the philosophy at Uncommon Man. That philosophy is that an ideal wardrobe is one that has been assembled over time. Being methodical, allows for personal experiences to influence future additions. If a wardrobe is hastily gathered, it will likely be only semi-useful. The aim of a wardrobe should be to maximize what could be called it's 'modern utility'. What that means to us is, not only being pricisely constructed beyond the needs of the wear, but to tap into the way someone feels when they have the opportunity to wear it. We try to remind ourselves as often as possible how fortunate we are to be able to make choices like this. In that same spirit, we imagine a closet filled with items meticulously selected, each one built with purpose, and intended to live with their owner for several years.

In this look book, you'll notice our newest RTW Trousers and Overshirts. We are also very proud of our improved Cassidy workshirts and the black Sundance western shirt.

The suits and sports coats shown are part of our Italian made to measure program. Inquire Here for MTM.